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Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Visit From Kat

The lovely Kat graced the metropolitain area with her presence yesterday. The entire family Wichtendahl met Kat, her kids and her sister on the train and spent a wonderful day in the big city. It was hot and crowded and we were tired as hell by the end, but it was very nice to finally meet this dear blogger friend of mine. There will be a future post with more details, but for now here's a picture of Kat and I at the top of the Empire State Building.

This was taken just after I'd dragged her up the side of the building, and just before the planes shot me down.


Blogger karma lennon said...

Nice photo! Sounds like you guys had a great time. :)

8:49 AM

Blogger xmichra said...

sooo jealous! i am glad that Kat is having a great break though, and looks like you two had a great time!

9:45 AM

Blogger Kat said...

Happy Birthday Chris!

10:34 AM

Blogger Tanya said...

Aw... bless. Hello again, Kat! Hello again Chris!

9:13 AM

Blogger xmichra said...

Happy happy birthday to you!!!

2:46 PM

Blogger Tanya said...

Hey Chris - get your arse back onto your blog! I have a great meme you can use! Please come back... miss your writing, matie.

8:24 AM

Blogger Kat said...

Please post something soon.

3:26 PM

Blogger Teri said...

I love this photo of you'se guys!

1:18 PM

Blogger xmichra said...

how have you been oh illusive one??

8:47 AM

Blogger Lisa said...

Aw...I will admit that I am jealous, but I'm glad you had such fun!

Your blogging absence is growing unbearable...

4:26 PM

Blogger Lucky Star said...

I know you're not blogging these days, but I moved to a new blog...The Bored Housewife is no more! Well, the site's still there, but I do not post to it. Except by accident. :)

Hope you're well. Maybe I'll even remember to email you some day.



8:20 PM


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