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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A New Meme

Well, apparently Kat feels I don't post enough (and I really don't), so she tagged me with this meme thing. I found it interesting, so here's mine. I'm not going to tag anyone, so just do it if you like. :)

I know ~ where I'm going.

I believe ~ in myself.

I fought ~ the law, and the law won.

I am angered ~ by just about everything governments do.

I love ~ my family.

I need ~ really good sex on a regular basis.

I take ~ too much shit from people.

I hear ~ everything.

I drink ~ to excess.

I hate ~ needing people.

I use ~ every tool at my disposal.

I want ~ someone to desire me.

I decided ~ that I can do it all myself.

I like ~ all you guys.

I am ~ a bit of an odd dude.

I feel ~ pretty good.

I left ~ work that needs doing.

I do ~ more than I should.

I hope ~ there's more.

I dream ~ of fulfillment.

I drive ~ people mad.

I listen ~ when people need to speak.

I type ~ moderately well.

I think ~ too much.

I wish ~ I was better than I am.

I compensate ~ for my fear with humor.

I regret ~ nothing.

I care ~ about those close to me.

I should ~ learn moderation.

I am not always ~ "on".

I said ~ more than I wanted.

I wonder ~ if it's all going to work out.

I changed ~ who I am, but then I changed back.

I cry ~ less as I age.

I am ~ not quite right.

I am not ~ your fucking monkey.

I lose ~ most of the games I play.

I leave ~ the party before it leaves me.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Girls With Slingshots

"Girls With Slingshots" is a webcomic I just found, and I am currently devouring the archives. It is written and drawn by Danielle Corsetto and updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It is also awesome. You should go check it out.